• Jeff Hall President, Founder
  • Jaclyn Kessel Managing Director
  • Catharine Montgomery Executive Vice President
  • Libby Smelker Executive Vice President
  • Alexa Vazquez Chief of Staff
  • Nicole Aboujaoudé
    Nicole Aboujaoudé Account Manager
  • Celeste Aguzino
    Celeste Aguzino Account Director
  • Dan Albright
    Dan Albright Lead Producer
  • Daniel Bauder
    Daniel Bauder Vice President
  • Karishma Gupta
    Karishma Gupta Designer
  • Amy Koh
    Amy Koh Finance Manager
  • Brooke Kushwaha
    Brooke Kushwaha Marketing Associate
  • Vishakha Mathur Account Director
  • Alyssa Mulhall
    Alyssa Mulhall Senior Designer
  • Denise O’Brien
    Denise O’Brien Account Director
  • Liana Porto
    Liana Porto Account Executive
  • Eden Raiz
    Eden Raiz Account Executive
  • Rachel Rex
    Rachel Rex Account Executive
  • Alisa Rivera
    Alisa Rivera Vice President
  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Multimedia Producer
  • Lacey Rose
    Lacey Rose Vice President
  • Emett Smith
    Emett Smith Senior Designer
  • Ariel Sussman
    Ariel Sussman Account Manager
  • Orianna Tate
    Orianna Tate Account Executive
  • Joshua Wolfsun
    Joshua Wolfsun Account Manager
  • Leah Young
    Leah Young Director of Client Services
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