Rachel has spent the last 15 years working at the intersection of politics and labor, campaigning in battleground states, and organizing workers from coast to coast.  

She cut her teeth on some of labor’s toughest fights, including leading communications for UNITE HERE’s nationwide Marriott strike in 2018; pioneering AFSCME International’s “50,000 Stronger” 2014 campaign, which fully integrated the union’s political and organizing programs in anticipation of Janus; and navigating the largest nurse’s union in the Pacific Northwest through the worst and most emergent crisis months of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

In her work at 617MediaGroup, Rachel leads a division focused on highly specialized regional and national campaigns.  Some of her most exciting recent work in the Agency includes leading a multi-year corporate accountability campaign in the for-profit healthcare industry, producing and running a national television advertising campaign calling on major manufacturers to bet again on U.S. workers, and helping to win the right to unionize for emerging workforces. She also led the national rebranding campaign for a top worker justice organization, and directed aggressive internal and external communications on one of the largest NLRB union elections in 2023. Rachel has lived in Portland, OR with her rescue dog Rex for the past four years, where they enjoy volunteering and experiencing the many wonders the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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