Executive Vice President Anna runs and wins social justice campaigns supporting workers’ rights, crime victim survivors as well as survivors of COVID-19.

Anna has nearly two decades of communications experience leading teams and helping to build coalitions that develop and carry out winning advocacy and political campaigns.

During her time with one of the nation’s largest local labor unions, she led media outreach and voter engagement to pass and uphold the Maryland DREAM Act and the Maryland Safe Care Act, protecting caregivers from health care workplace violence and ensuring survivors received the services they needed and deserved. She also directed media strategy to win marriage equality and decriminalize marijuana possession in the state.

Anna went on to contribute to major efforts to expand Medicaid and improve the Affordable Care Act, protect the status of refugees from Haiti and other nations, challenge the cruelty of the family separation crisis under the Trump Administration, and help workers organize to build power on the job and in their communities. During the 2016 election cycle, she helped run one of labor’s largest independent expenditure campaigns to get out the vote, uplift down ticket candidates, and win progressive ballot issues.

She is passionate about education for movement building. As a national teachers’ union press officer, Anna led efforts to ensure that the voices of families and educators in underserved communities were centered in debates around school closures, charter school expansion, and reauthorizing No Child Left Behind. Over the years she has led trainings on framing and strategic messaging, organizing communications, interview skills, public narrative, and restorative justice in classrooms and workplaces.

Anna earned a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from the University of Utah and a Master of Arts in Communication from American University.

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