As an Account Director, Kate helps lead the development and execution of effective strategic communications that advance the goals of clients and build power for working people.

Prior to joining 617MediaGroup, Kate worked in the political arena, working in finance, field, and communications on state legislative and congressional campaigns in the battleground state of Michigan. In 2017, she joined UNITE HERE as a Communications Specialist for the International Union.

In her time at UNITE HERE, Kate managed internal and external communications for both national and local campaigns and organizing efforts, including the 2018 Marriott strike – the largest hotel strike in American history. Kate also trained hundreds of people across the country – including the organization’s leadership – on how to effectively utilize digital media to amplify a collective message and speak on the record to deliver the organization’s overarching goals and message.

Following her time at UNITE HERE, Kate went on to serve as campaign communications director for the Michigan House Democrats. There, she spearheaded written content for top-targeted campaigns, wrote and distributed campaign messaging tools for campaigns across the state, and trained candidates and campaigns on effective political messaging.

Kate holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Affairs from Central Michigan University.

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